Here are some random paintings by Miró that came up in a Google image search.

Here are some random Picasso paintings found via a Google image search.

Various works by Dali found via Google image search are displayed here.

After visiting the museums dedicated to Picasso and Miro in Barcelona, as well as the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, I found that I could quickly identify the author of any painting by any of these three artists without needing to read the tag. The more I consider these Google search results, the more I realize that they represent more than just a creative artistic process. This is also an essential step in developing their unique artist brands. They've consistently used their distinctive style because it helps them stand out, and they've done so because it helps them build brand consistency.

They probably didn't make a well-informed decision to go this route, but I believe that pushing focused on their creative procedure helped them become branding masters as well.