Do you enjoy watching street performers? There's always a lively crowd waiting for these shows, and I enjoy watching them. For the audience, isn't it a magical, live experience? Do you tip street performers? What drives you to act, and how do you determine the amount? Even though it is about the performance, I know of a motivational trick that can double the artist's earnings by manipulating the crowd.

Here is some marketing advice for performers.

Never open your guitar case without money inside, dear performer friend. Always keep some coins, particularly banknotes, in your case or hat. Your audience requires a benchmark to determine whether or not this performance deserves a tip. It is simple for them to take action if they see money in your case. If you have a banknote in the case, the tip will be higher than if you have coins.

If we don't have any recommendations for a restaurant and there are two options side by side, we all want to go to the one with a line at the door. In a restaurant, we quietly inspect the dishes of other customers to determine the most popular meal. On their websites, hotels provide information such as "today, 35 people checked into this hotel" or "this is the last four rooms" to manipulate our decision.  We are social beings. We are always looking for ways to conform to the group. We want to be confident that the option is safe and that the social group around us will not judge us for our decision.

We aren't always logical. Identifying these kinds of ways to increase sales requires an understanding of human behavior. Marketing is more than just a branch of business administration. It is associated with sociology, cultural studies, psychology, behavioral economics, and other disciplines.

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