I had previously written down "The DIKW pyramid." The following is a brief overview of how we consume data and generate new ideas. Every new bit of information, wisdom, or understanding can be used to develop an idea at a later stage.


OpenAI's chatbot made headlines last week. Almost everyone involved in technology has tried it and commented on it. It's now my turn. 😜

When we talk about machine learning or artificial intelligence, we must always think about where the data came from in order to understand what the output is. ChatGPT gathers billions of online data sources from all over the world, such as blogs, social media, books, newspapers, and websites. It can make connections between this data or information and analyze it to find answers to our questions that make sense. No one can handle this much data and do that kind of thing. Don't forget, though, that the answer is a process of curation. It gets some data, puts them together, and sends out a result. Its performance is based on the data, and because of where the data came from, the result is average. It means that it can write marketing articles better than many copywriters. It can help you win any TV quiz show. It is better at drawing than us. But that's still average, according to an expert.

I don't think it will be easy for AI to take the next step, which is to combine knowledge and insights and come up with a new idea. Experts in every field are currently superior. AI can give everyone general marketing tips, but it can't beat real marketing experts. It can give you ideas for what to cook, but it can't beat a master chef. It can answer any question about history, but it can't say anything about how history changes the world. It can rephrase the information, but it can't evaluate, decide, or comment on it.

We are better at combining our knowledge and insights to come up with new ideas. We still need and will still need experts. Maybe AI will give us new ideas someday, but we still need experts to tell us whether it's acceptable or not. I think it's a tool that helps creative people reach out and gather information. Getting knowledge on any subject with the help of AI can help us save time and inspire us to come up with new ideas.

Humans and AI are not at war with one another. It's a tool that's going to alter the ways in which we educate ourselves, take in information, innovate, and interact with the world at large.