This week I visited my hometown, Ödemiş. I have also visited old villages around the city. Bozdağ and Birgi were the villages where my family had a small farm and a life. Here are some photos from our garden.

Our village is on the hillside of Bozdağlar, one of the highest mountains in the east of Turkey. Most of the population are farmers, and because of that, the most significant industry here is agriculture. In addition, one or two small groceries, barber shops, bakeries, and cafes exist. All these shops are in the same place we call the local bazaar. Because of the village's altitude, winter is snowy and cold, but summer times are just cold to stay in. Clean air and pine forests are other attraction reasons for local tourists around İzmir.

As you can see in the photos above, Bozdağ is a simple Anatolian village:
"Simple, natural, and authentic."

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