What is the “De-Strategy Series”?

The "De-Strategy Series" is an ongoing project that aims to break down complex marketing strategies into easy to understand steps and principles. Through this series, I'm sharing the knowledge and insights I've gained from helping lots of clients improve their marketing strategies. The series starts with McDonald's strategy and will move on to other well-known brands like Apple, Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

Each chapter of the De-Strategy Series will cover the nine steps of the FRAMEWORK marketing model. The series will explain how these steps are used in the context of McDonald's strategy and how they can be applied to other brands. Additionally, the series will discuss the practical implementation of these steps, such as how to choose customer personas, perform market analysis, develop a brand frame, and more. Through reading this series, people will learn more about how to make a good marketing plan for their own businesses.

What is the Framework Marketing Model?

The new marketing strategy model has nine steps, which are all spelled out in the word "FRAMEWORK." With the help of talented people around me, I've been working on and improving this marketing strategy for over five years. This strategy has been tested and implemented for our clients at Kroppa Digital Agency. We have gained a lot of insight, and it is time to disseminate this insight to the world.

The "De-Strategy Series" begins with McDonald's strategy. The index below contains links to all published and linked chapters. Since the process is a public writing process, each chapter takes time to write. I will add newly published articles to this main article. That's why I think this approach will be useful for marketers to better comprehend branding and marketing strategy.

Index of the McDonald’s Strategy

  1. Focus (P)
    + Who is McDonald’s customer? (Premium)
    + Customer Personas (P)
     -Meet Michael (M)
     -Meet Karen (M)
     -Meet Emily (M)
     -Meet Samantha (M)
     -Meet John (M)
     -Meet Alex (P)
     -Meet Sarah (P)
    + Market Analysis
    + Competitor Analysis
    + Segmentation
  2. Realize (P)
    + Brand frame
    + Physical benefits
    + Functional benefits
    + Emotional benefits
    + Social benefits
    + Brand Essence
    + Competition map
  3. Adjust (P)
    + Differentiation point
    + Story of the brand
    + Brand motto
  4. Mount (P)
    + Category entry points
    + Funnel analysis
    + Finding  the customer
  5. Exhibit (P)
    + Content strategy
    + Communication channels
    + Channel Execution
    + Examples
  6. Whisper (P)
    + Owned channels analysis
    + Asset analysis
    + Asset management strategy
    + Growth strategy
  7. Offer (P)
    + Campaign Design
    + Performance Marketing
    + Targeting Strategies
    + Integration
  8. Resolve (P)
    + KPI’s
    + Reports and Analysis
    + Optimization
  9. Knock-out (P)
    + Launch campaigns
    +Hero campaigns
    + Real-time marketing
  10. The assessment of the “De-Strategy of McDonald’s” (P)

*While writing this article, I got assistance from ChatGPT3 to discover information online. (M) = Members-only content (P) = Public Content (Premium) = Premium Accessible Content