People today have a lot of opinions about everything, but most of them lack knowledge in the areas they are discussing. This is one of the biggest issues we face. Through social media, we gather opinions, information, and occasionally the ideas of others, leading us to believe that we have the answers. A problem arises when someone cannot distinguish between knowing and gathering information from others. These people start to think of themselves as authorities. This belief also increases self-confidence about other matters.

We saw these people during the pandemic. They shared their thoughts as accurate information about the illness. Despite not having a medical degree, they were knowledgeable about using face masks, vaccinations, and m-RNA. People who could not name more than three cities in either Russia or Ukraine shared their thoughts on the possibility of nuclear war just six months earlier when the Russian-Ukrainian war first broke out.

Postmodernism has made it a jungle out there when it comes to determining what is true. That led to a decline in the quality of our problem-solving strategies. For instance, many people have opinions about branding, advertising, and marketing, but only a few possess any real expertise in these areas. So, we need to figure out how to preserve "expertise."  

Firstly, let's look at ourselves. The process of personal transformation is often simpler than attempting to alter the world at large. The question "Do I know this issue, or have I just stolen some ideas from others?" is one we must ask ourselves frequently.

There may be some difficulty with the second step. We must confront ignorant individuals with their ideas. Don't get me wrong. I don't want you to try to change anyone's mind among them. We have to get them to ask themselves, "Do I know this issue, or is this an unsupported idea?"

I don't believe it will change overnight. It is a war that never ends. We must find new ways to fight this. Any suggestion for a different course of action or idea to improve the community is welcome, and I'm here to listen. Have a great day!