Being a brand is not an easy. You have to spend too much effort, time, and money to create a strong logo and brand name. There are tons of things you must understand and play well to be successful. Today, we have experts on brand strategy, marketing segmentation, below-the-line, and above-the-line advertising, digital marketing, etc. If you are a corporate brand, maybe you need all of these experts. I understand this necessary expertizing trend, but I think this is still a tiny portion of branding. The most significant piece of branding is not about what you said; it is about what you have done!

What is the secret souse of a successful brand?

Give a brand promise and keep your word! Trust me, that is just it is.

As a company, you have to find consumers’ problems that wait for a solution and solve it. Maybe you are not serving a perfect solution; perhaps you are not the only one who has solutions. A brand is a logo-slogan concept which guarantees that you have an answer for consumer needs. In this concept, you can deliver solutions, prestige, happiness, satisfaction, etc. Brand consumer relationship is the same as people relations and stands on trust. You give a promise and don’t keep it; you lose your connection. If you are a branded service or a product, you are going to lose your customer. If you are good at delivering your commitment, it is time to talk about pricing, placement, and promotion. Now, we can talk about positioning, advertising, media buying, loyalty, etc.

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