I prefer to use ride-hailing services like Uber, Bolt, or Free Now when I'm traveling overseas. Now that I use these apps frequently, I can offer some suggestions for improving them, particularly for tourists. The recommendations presented here also present a chance for upselling.

Optional English/French/German speaking driver  + 2 USD

In non-English speaking nations, the majority of drivers are unable to communicate in English. They are natives of the area, and they are largely uneducated and monolingual. It's tough to have a conversation under these conditions. It's great if you have the option to select a bilingual driver. I believe that most people would be happy to pay an extra $2 for this option.

City guiding experience + 1 USD

Traveling to a city means seeing its landmarks, plazas, and buildings. On your Uber ride, you will pass by all of these locations. In my opinion, a trip can be more interesting if you listen to the history of a sculpture or bridge instead of just sitting in the car and waiting. More compensation is warranted for this level of expertise.

Choosing the route  + 1 USD

Map apps on mobile phones are made to help you find the best route by using information about time, fuel use, and traffic. For drivers, this is the best option, but it may not suit you. What if you want to see some tourist attractions along the way, such as gardens, the seashore, or a riverside? You must be able to choose the best path for you.

XL vehicles are fine, but what about luggage options?

You can select your Uber based on the number of people in your group. If you have fewer than four people, you can take Uber, Uber X, Uber Electric, or Uber Taxi. If your group is between 5 and 9, you can always select Uber XL. What will you do if you have four people and four large suitcases? What happens if you request an Uber XL for six people but don't have any large luggage? I believe Uber should have a "baggage volume" option. Customers can also pay an additional fee for this feature.

Built-in prepaid chat dialogs for communication

Language is a barrier to healthy communication. Canned questions and answers will be an excellent addition to the Uber app. Passengers can communicate with their local drivers by asking simple questions about the trip, city, or vehicle in a chat-like format. For example, “Please close the air-conditioner.” or “Is this Thames River?”, etc.

These insights and feature suggestions demonstrate that there is still much room for improvement in terms of products and experiences.