Meet Emily

Emily is a student who is working on her Master's in Environmental Science. She is aware of how she affects the environment and usually chooses food that is good for the environment. However, sometimes her busy schedule and tight budget force her to eat at fast food places. McDonald's is one place she goes sometimes because it's cheap and has a lot to choose from on the menu. She likes that McDonald's has salads and vegetarian options, which are in line with her values of being environmentally friendly.

Demographic Information:

Family Occupation Education Level Income Age
Single Student Master's degree $22,000 26
Geographic location Name of the city Social class Homeownership Family size
Urban Los Angeles Lower-middle class Renting 1

Beliefs, values, attitudes, motivations, and expectations:

Beliefs Values Attitudes Motivations Expectations
Sustainability Affordability Convenience Variety of menu options Quick and satisfying meal

Emily also likes it when things are easy, so she often orders through the drive-thru or on her phone to save time. She also likes to study or catch up on work while she eats at McDonald's, where the Wi-Fi is free.

Emily chooses her food based on how sustainable and cheap it is, and sometimes she goes to McDonald's for a quick and filling meal.

Personal Motto:

"Sustainability, affordability and convenience”

Key points in the customer journey:

Key points Barriers Tasks Frustrations
Discovery of McDonald's Limited knowledge of sustainable menu options Research menu options online or in-store Limited sustainable options
Decision to visit McDonald's Limited time Compare prices and menu options with other fast-food restaurants Limited seating options
In-store/Drive-thru experience Difficulty using the mobile app Order ahead and pay using the mobile app Long wait times in drive-thru
Consumption of the meal None Enjoy the meal and use the free Wi-Fi Food not as expected
Post-consumption evaluation None Evaluate the overall experience and meal Inconsistency in sustainable options

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