Meet John

John is a 65-year-old retiree who used to work in a factory. Since he gave up that job, he has been living on a fixed income. He is married and has two grown children. He lives in a small house in the suburbs with his wife and children. He doesn't like to go far from home and doesn't move around much. He likes to stay busy and spend time with his wife, friends, and family. He loves cars and likes to read about them and watch shows about them. He also likes to treat himself once a week by eating at McDonald's.

Demographic Information:

Family Occupation Education Level Income Age
Married Retired factory worker N/A Fixed income 65
Geographic location Name of the city Social class Homeownership Family size
Suburban California Lower Middle Class Homeowner 4

Beliefs, values, attitudes, motivations, and expectations:

Beliefs Values Attitudes Motivations Expectations
Convenience and affordability are important when it comes to his meals Quality time with wife and friends Budget-conscious Finding affordable and quick meal options that fit his taste Fast, affordable and tasty food options, with a good variety to choose from.

John often eats at fast food places like McDonald's when he needs a quick and inexpensive meal on the go. He likes that McDonald's has a wide range of food options that fit both his budget and his tastes. John loves spending time with his wife and friends, even though he has trouble moving around. He often takes them to McDonald's as a reward for good behavior or a special event.

Personal Motto:

"Enjoy the little things”

Key points in the customer journey:

Key Points Barriers Tasks Frustrations
Awareness of McDonald's as a dining option Limited mobility Researching menu options and prices Limited options for seniors or difficulty finding information on the website
Consideration of McDonald's as a dining option Limited budget Comparing prices and menu options with other fast food restaurants Limited options for seniors or difficulty finding information on the website
Visit to McDonald's Difficulty finding a location that is easily accessible Planning and coordinating with friends or wife for a meal at McDonald's Long wait times or poor service
Post-visit evaluation N/A Sharing feedback with friends and family Disappointment with food quality or service

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