Meet Michael

Construction worker Michael, 42, and his family, including his wife and two kids, reside in New York. He is paid $35,000 a year and has just a high school education. He is a dedicated blue-collar worker who likes his work but finds it stressful and exhausting at times. As a result, he occasionally needs to eat fast food.

Demographic Information:

Family Occupation Education Level Income Age
Married Construction worker High school 35000 42
Geographic location Name of the city Social class Homeownership Family size
Urban New York Working class Homeowner 3 (2 children)

Beliefs, values, attitudes, motivations, and expectations:

Beliefs Values Attitudes Motivations Expectations
Convenience Affordability Practical Quick and easy meal Familiar and consistent taste

Michael prioritizes food convenience and cost because he is constantly on the go between job and his hectic family schedule. He doesn't have much time to cook and is seeking for a quick and easy lunch that won't break the purse. He looks at things in a realistic way, and McDonald's is a known and reliable option for him and his family. He also expects the cuisine to be consistent in terms of taste and quality. Michael is a family man who cherishes spending time with his wife and children. His credo highlights the significance of spending quality time with his loved ones, and McDonald's is a quick, simple, and economical method to do it. He thinks that eating together as a family is one of the best ways to strengthen their bond, so he often goes to McDonald's.

Personal Motto:

"Families that eat together stay together"

Key points in the customer journey:

Key points Barriers Tasks Frustrations
Awareness Limited time and budget Research fast food options Long lines and slow service
Consideration Limited options in the area Compare prices and menu items Limited options for healthy meals
Purchase Long lines and wait times Select menu items and pay for the meal Inconsistent food quality
Consumption None Eat the meal Food not being as good as expected
Repeat purchase Limited options for healthier meals Consider previous experience and value for money Inconsistent food quality

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