The answer to the question "When did marketing start?" is not clear. The most common answer is that modern marketing as we know it started to take shape in the late 19th century and early 20th century when consumer culture and mass production grew. In 1887, the first official marketing department was set up by the National Cash Register Company.

But I think marketing has always been a part of being human. Evolution is an excellent marketing tool for all species, not just humans. Think of colorful flowers trying to attract bees or a male peacock with a beautiful tail.

"Crying Babies" is also a great example of someone born to be a marketer. Babies cry to let you know what they need, like food, comfort, or relief from pain. During the first few months of life, babies mostly talk by crying. Crying is a natural thing to do. The sound of a baby crying is loud and high-pitched, making it hard to ignore. People think this is an adaptive trait because it makes it more likely that a baby who is crying will be taken care of. We can easily say that babies who don't cry don't get enough care to live, while babies who do cry do. This is also how advertising works for brands on the market.

Advertisers know that to get the attention of their target audience, they need to use pictures, stories, and sounds that stand out. The same rule holds true for babies. Through crying, they are able to get the attention of their caretakers and tell them what they need. Babies are the best example of people born as marketers because their cries are loud, high-pitched, and hard to ignore.

This is why marketers must keep coming up with new and creative ways to get the attention of their target audience and get their message across. Marketers can make campaigns that are effective and memorable by using the same tricks that babies use to get people's attention.