How do you pick a restaurant for dinner when you're alone and exploring a new city without your phone?

You most likely read menu boards or signboards to understand the cuisine in the absence of any outside sources of information, such as recommendations or online ratings. Then, you tally up the crowd size and evaluate the popularity of nearby restaurants. I'm sure you'll choose the popular one. Popularity has always been a safe choice for us, even when we were a tribe long ago. Staying with the group is better than being alone in the forest. Today, we select top-rated restaurants from Yelp, bestsellers to read, and people to follow who have more followers than usual.

In today's modern world, popularity plays a significant role in making choices. Popularity is a form of physical evidence that a group endorses a product or service. Therefore, when we purchase a product, we base our decision on information such as the number of visitors, downloads, comments, likes, etc. Customers can find comfort and security in a brand's popularity. One goal of marketing is to make a product or service popular and then use that popularity to get more customers.

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