Humans have a bug. Our minds are constantly making connections with any type of information. It is a process of interpretation. The outcomes do not have to be accurate. Lies can be used to fabricate results. We can invent and believe in the results of our inventions. Religion, ideologies, and everyday politics are excellent examples.

They taught us that physicians, nurses, educators, and soldiers hold sacred positions in our community. Have you ever considered why that is? They work hard and generate more value than they are paid. Ask yourself: "How much does it cost, exactly, to send someone off to war to die?"  If a community cannot compensate adequately with money, it will always compensate with status. A social status with "meaning" that is provided without cost. ( For the record, this is marketing. You reframe reality as a new conceptual brand: "self-sacrifice."

This type of previously created fiction was something we learned in the community. We were born into a meaning-making culture. There isn't much of a chance for us to ignore it. Don't get me wrong. Nobody here is subject to my judgment. Although I am aware that our lives lack significance, I am also drawn to pursuing it nonetheless. This is the second bug that we've discovered.

It's not uncommon for these two bugs to combine to form a third bug. This is a perfect case in point, in my opinion.

"Quiet Quitting."

First, let's check Wikipedia.

"Quiet quitting is an application of work-to-rule, in which employees work within defined work hours and engage solely in activities within those hours. Despite the name, the philosophy of “quiet quitting” is not necessarily connected to quitting a job outright, but rather doing precisely what the job requires."

Please hold on a second. There are many people I know who have been doing this for many years. I'm sure you're aware. They have a good reason for doing things that way, and I can appreciate that. Companies, whether they like it or not, require these workers on a daily basis. Someone has to finish recurring tasks that do not necessitate creativity. They work as expected and are paid as expected. Not that I agree with it, but that seems to be the way things work.

Asking questions about work, life, and family was sparked by the COVID pandemic. As a result, this trigger compelled people to seek meaning in their lives. Please keep in mind the bugs I mentioned earlier.

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