For the time being, the entire Metaverse story is a scam.

Decentraland is not a Metaverse.

Roblox, Fortnite, WoW, or any game is not a Metaverse.

Any brand or person who claims to be on Metaverse is lying.

NFT art installation on Decentraland is not a Metaverse experience.

If they invite you to a Metaverse virtual location, shop, or art gallery, believe me, it is not in the Metaverse.

It is not a Metaverse if you are watching a video titled "XYZ brand's Metaverse experience.”

It's just a 3D render video. Do not rely on these brands.

Instead of being trustworthy, these brands prefer free PR**.**

I'm sure that most of the marketing team never clicked the link to the website that brands and agencies called Metaverse.

Because they know that: “The Metaverse story is a scam.”