I am sure growing a startup is one of the biggest challenges you have in your life. It is not a job or profession. It is never-ending problem-solving on a daily basis. You must learn from your failures and others' experiences to be successful. You must use your limited sources carefully and seize every opportunity like knowledge, mentoring, or advice.

This quote comes from my about me page:

"I know "changing the world and making the world a better place" are huge ideals we use and consume too much. I prefer to be realistic than an idealist. I am limited to my circle of influence. I can only create an impact by spreading my ideas and serving the community. Because of that, I'm sharing my knowledge with the entrepreneurship community."

If you are developing a digital product or SaaS and need help with marketing, strategy, or understanding your value proposition, don't hesitate to contact me for advice. I'm a partner at Kroppa Digital and an advisor to various startups. I'm happy with my investments and happy to serve for community.

Here is the scope of the service:

  • I only work with startups that have launched a digital product or SaaS.
  • If you have an idea, have just had a prototype, or are selling physical products online, I'm sorry, but I can not help you. I believe that the starting steps of your startup are full of struggles, and you have to win these struggles alone. These victories are the milestones of being a good leader and entrepreneur. After overcoming these obstacles, scaling up your startup will be easy. I will also be ready for you to advise about marketing strategy and your value propositions.
  • If we decide to walk together, I will share all my network with you for new customers, new employees, or any investment.
  • I have five days a week and 2 hours daily to help startups. It means that there is a queue for working together. You can think of this as a pool system. I have limited time, and I must first deliver my promise to startups in the pool. When a startup graduates from my advice academy, another startup will be joining in pooling. There only 8 startups in the pool and they will leave one by one.
  • Here we have a process designed like education for you. After it is finished, you will understand the meaning of your startup and the essential marketing strategy to grow.  
  • I created a 100% discount code for your product: "HAVEPRODUCT42" Every month there will be 3 entrepreneur can use this code. Also you can ese 50% discount code: "MBRKS50"
  • After you fill out this form with the code and if everything is alright, the process will be like that:
    Introductory meeting and planning
    2. You will tell me
    your business, competitors, product, or service.
    3. Workshop: Who is
    your customer? Who is the end user?
    4. Workshop: What is your startup's and your competitor's
    value proposition?
    5. Workshop: We will sharpen your product's user
    persona and customer segmentation.
    6. I will present your "unique value proposition" and your story. I will share
    motto suggestions. We will discuss these.
    7. Workshop: We will find
    category entry points for your product.
    8. I will share a "
    FRAMEWORK" marketing strategy document with you to start the creative campaign process and communication plan. After this step, you will be ready to work with a digital or performance marketing agency. The strategy will be a good brief for these partners.
    9. After these steps, it is time to leave. I'm sure you will be ready to
    scale up your startup, and after the process, you will have a great strategy for how to do it. You can work with an agency or a partner in your network, or I can suggest some to find the right partners. You can also hire my team. You are free to choose all.
  • After finishing the process, I believe you will no longer need help. If you need more time and advice from me, I'm sorry, but it won't be a part of my community support.

If this general scope is OK for you, you can easily apply my service by this link.

I hope to support your success story and have a finger in the pie!