When I left my previous company, I transferred truthful information to the new manager about customers, team leaders, and employees. In addition, I advised about management topics.

One day in this hand-over period, in a meeting, I told him, “You are the ‘new guy’ according to the employees. Give time to the team to know you, and please try to understand your team. After a while, you will get a chance to reorganize the company. There are plenty of talented employees here. Work with them and don’t spend any talent. You don’t have to work with anyone you don’t want to, but today you need them to survive. They know all the history of relations with customers. They are experts in marketing and advertising. When you are ready, you can change everything you think wrong.”

He answered to me wisely: “You don’t have to care about anything that can go wrong. As you know, I was also a general manager in my previous position. So I’m good at preventing possible issues with customers. One of my strong sides is control. For example, no one can send an email to a customer without my mail control. Most of the time, I’m the one who speaks with the customer. So I can not risk anything this kind of things.”

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