Desiderius Erasmus gathered Greek and Latin proverbs in the late fifteenth century. The proverb "Duos insequens lepore's neutrum capit." can be found in this collection, which was published in 1500 and is now known as Adagia or Adages.

The translation of this proverb from the Latin is:

“He that hunts two hares catches neither.”

The formula stayed the same after five hundred years: “Focus on

Focus on your product’s value.

Focus on your audience.

Focus on your core business.

Focus on your product.

Focus on your expertise.

You don’t have to learn two languages at the same time. Not all users need to be pleased. Not all product features need to be delivered simultaneously. You don't have to be an accountant or a project manager.

Ask yourself, what is your life, work, and community focus?