The "Just Stop Oil" protests are currently making headlines. Attacks on original works of art in museums or galleries are their most well-known protest. They'll become more well-known than Greenpeace if they keep up their current efforts. This story brought to mind an old saying:

There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

The problem with this saying is that it gives too much weight to popularity and too little weight to public opinion and perception. Remember that Greenpeace organized a lot of protests, and most of them were about holding bad corporations accountable for their actions. These demonstrations consistently featured "Company Name" and were well received by the general public. They're what we call "climate activists.”

In today's society, the protest organized by Just Stop Oil is viewed with the same severity as acts of vandalism or terrorism. If oil paintings are to blame for global warming, then these protests are acceptable. Targeting masterpieces and the world's cultural heritage is not a clever strategy for gaining public support. In a positive turn of events, their star is bound to rise. The bad news is that they will completely ruin climate change activists' positive public image. In fact, they pose the greatest threat to genuine environmentalists.

At the very least, I believe there is negative publicity. The right strategy is to always reach more people with a positive perception.