Please forward this to any managers you know. The lessons they learn will be invaluable to them as they progress in their leadership roles.

Do you believe it has only been one month since Elon Musk purchased Twitter? It feels like it's been six months. Please ask yourself why you are feeling this way. Let's take a look at what happened on Twitter last month.

  • He bought Twitter.
  • He took action against the CEO and fired him.
  • He fired all of the top executives.
  • He fired a lot of people.
  • He hired some of the former Twitter employees back.
  • He started selling verified accounts for $20 per month.
  • He deactivated Amber Hearts' Twitter profile.
  • He argued with Stephen King, and the subscription price was reduced to $8.
  • He fired one of his employees during a live podcast.
  • He killed remote working by sending an email in the middle of the night, summoning everyone to the office.
  • He set up a survey in response to Trump's account suspension.
  • Just one day before Thanksgiving, he sent an email stating, "If you are not in the office, you are going to be fired."
  • He reinstated Trump's Twitter account.
  • He paused the subscription service to redesign it.
  • He decided to go to war with Apple because the company had stopped spending money on Twitter advertisements.
  • He stated that Apple does not support free speech.

Almost every day, an "Elon Musk headline" appeared in the news. These articles and tweets about Elon Musk make it seem like more than six months have passed since the acquisition. It is now time to look into all of the processes and learn from Elon Musk's mistakes.

You cannot lead alone.

This is the first leadership rule. A leading position is not one that executes. Doing it yourself would be a huge mistake. As the CEO or owner of a company, your job is always to find the second manager you will lead and empower him or her to lead others.

Managers cannot manage their teams unless the leaders share their power with them. At first, everyone understands that their manager is useless. The second step is for everyone to admit that they are worthless and disposable.

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