I made the decision to invest in real estate last week, and over the past three days, I've called more than thirty construction firms. I researched these companies' websites and read their advertisements on real estate listing websites before making the call. I filtered out the majority of the untrustworthy businesses based on my instincts.

Here is my overall experience:

  • 10% - Didn’t open the phone.
  • 95% - Didn’t call back.
  • 50% - Didn't have a welcome operator message.
  • 60% - Didn’t ask my name on the call.
  • 80% - Didn’t collect any contact details.
  • 90% - Didn’t take notes about me.
  • 95% - Didn’t listen to me and ask what I’m looking for.
  • 95% - Didn’t define my problem or need.
  • 100% - Didn’t ask for more information like my family, kids, job, etc.
  • 95% - Didn’t try to solve my problems or needs.
  • 85% - Didn’t offer me anything special. Just share prices.
  • 95%- Didn’t try to close the sales.
  • 90% - Didn’t try to contact me again for an active sales process.
  • 95% - Didn’t ask for my contact details for future opportunities.
  • 100% - Didn’t sell anything to me.

Unfortunately, very few companies actually care about the customer experience. These companies would rather spend money on advertising, social media, and performance marketing to get leads than on turning those leads into sales. This is not advertising. This is a way to lose money. If these businesses want to be successful, they need to shift their focus from marketing and advertising to investing in the customer experience. Only then will they be able to build a successful and sustainable business.