How can we find out who is our customer?

Data collection

Any business that wants to stay competitive needs to look at market data to figure out what customers want. Businesses can use different methods and tools to learn more about their customers. For example, they can use surveys to get customer feedback, target demographic and psychographic profiles, and customer personas to help them understand what their customers want. Also, a customer journey map can be made to track how customers interact with the business, and researching the customers of competitors can help figure out who they are trying to reach. Also, web analytics can be used to find out the habits and preferences of customers, and focus groups can be used to learn more about how customers to act. You can also use social media to find out what customers think, and keeping an eye on customer service requests can help you find out where customers are having problems. If a business takes the time to analyze and understand customer data, it can make better decisions and stay competitive. Then, using these insights, marketing campaigns and customer experiences can be tailored to fit each customer segment. McDonald's can also use this information to make specific plans to meet customer needs, keep customers happy, and make the most money possible. McDonald's needs to keep an eye on customer feedback and make changes to its strategies based on what they learn.

What if we can not collect any data?

If McDonald's can't collect customer data, they can still learn about their customers in other ways. They can look at sales numbers to find out which products are most popular and with whom. They can also look at what customers say about them on social media to learn more about who they are. Also, they can look at what their competitors are doing to reach customers and find out what works best. Last but not least, watching how customers act in-store and online can also help you figure out what they want and need. Using these methods, McDonald's can still learn important things about their customers and make plans to meet their needs.

What about our de-strategy series? Do I have any data?

I'm sorry, but I don't have survey or customer feedback information. McDonald's is not my client, and I have no right to make any person's personal information public. Like you, I am a customer who has long used both the brand and its rivals. Online, I provide a lot of observations, facts, reports, comments, and reports. Using this information, I created fictitious McDonald's customers. Remember that the goal of this series is to teach you how to build a strategy.

Here are some fictional customers of McDonald’s and their basic demographics. (related table as a spreadsheet)

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