Twitter is a great way to share information, and Twitter floods are also useful for smattering.

Although this practice is very common, it is rather limited in terms of understanding.

Typically, the authors of floods are merely curators. They research a complicated subject and write straightforward "how to" floods.

You can search for anything on Google, read some blog posts, and write a flood.

Even though that is fantastic, it is repetitive in some ways.

Don't get me wrong; this is fine, but not enough for me.

Every day, I challenge myself to come up with new ideas based on the data and information I've gathered up until now.

It's possible that I'm paraphrasing someone else's or my own thoughts here. But I do my best to say something new every day.

That's why I value self-expression more than a fleeting Tweet.

And you deserve more than an expiring Tweet.