I never keen on sports. I never liked to do it or watch it. I think culture may be the key to this kind of habit. Maybe sports habit is an inherit from family, who knows? No surprise, I’m not a sports fan. I know the name of some teams and some players. That is all I have about it. You may ask that “why I’m writing a sports article?” Because I love fails and lessons, they taught about marketing.

According to the report, “Annual Review of Football Finance 2020, Deloitte,” the European football market is now worth some €28.4bn. According to new figures from Deloitte, the big five European leagues generated a record €15.6bn in revenue in 2017–18, a 6% annual increase. The market leader is England with €5.4bn.

Let’s talk about the revenues of the football clubs. Where they get money?

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