One of the essentials of Turkish culture is breakfast.

Especially the traditional breakfast tables where the family comes together, crowned with various cheeses, olives, jams, and the most natural village products… Sunday breakfasts are probably one of the greatest escape times for city people, overwhelmed by the busy work schedule and stifling agenda. It is the most

common way to meet at the same table, sometimes with family and sometimes with close friends, to talk a little and have some pleasant time. Maybe it is one of the consumption habits that we value more than usual.

We went out for breakfast as four people this weekend with my wife. The choice of location was not ours, so our previous experiences did not directly affect the decision. I asked the couple who invited us how they proceeded while choosing the breakfast place. What were their criteria?

  1. The weather was cloudy-rainy, so the place must have been an interior.
  2. It should have been easily accessible, roughly equidistant from everyone.
  3. The location should have been answering needs such as parking.
  4. The place should have been offering us comprehensive options.

These four criteria directed us to Hilltown AVM.

It was time to choose which restaurant to go to. Our couple, who invited us, explained their restaurant choice as:

“We chose a place where we are sure of its service and quality, and we will not regret.

The most straightforward answer to why people buy brands was in our presence.