Hugo Gernsback designed “The Isolator” to avoid distractions when writing. It was a wooden mask with eye cuts and an oxygen pipe for breath. He was trying to get rid of the noise of the cars, ringing phones, doorbells. He is lucky not to see today’s world. We live in a visual and auditory distractive world.

Today we are slaves to technology. Every minute, we get notifications from our mobile phone or P.C. Mails, instant messages, social media, reminders, and alerts distract us from focus. Writing a two-paragraph email without distraction is nearly impossible. These notifications trigger our reptile brain. When we hear the sound of notification, we start to fight with uncertainty. We can not resist not checking it. A voice in your brain tells you what if it is crucial. What if you miss something. Fear of missing out ( FOMO) takes control of your soul, and you check your phone or email.

I have three simple pieces of advice for you.

Close all of your notifications.

Go to the settings of your phone page and close all! Get rid of being managed by notifications. Instead, check your phone or mail whenever you want. Take control of your time.

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