Everyone tells you that you should read.

You must read books, articles, magazines, newsletters, etc.

While perusing your favorite social media platform, you find a headline that interests you.

You saw it, clicked on it, and it opened in a new tab. So you can read it later after you check it out on your social media feed.

You clicked the article tab before refreshing your social media feed again.

You immediately began to scroll down the page and quickly scanned the headings and bold text.

You chose some titles and sentences and read the article's conclusion.

You felt as though you had read the page and had learned something.

Your brain released dopamine as a reward for learning.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong alarm. You did not learn anything.

It occurs on a daily basis, repeatedly.

In reality, you are just looking around and not actually reading anything.

Any solution? I'm sorry I couldn't find any.

This is a fact. You must admit it.

You must stop lying to yourself about how much you read and learn online.

If you truly read the article to the end, please spread the word. 😉